Imagine being free from obsessing over Facebook and All Social Media, Plus Games & Gaming Competitions. Imagine seeing your life from a whole new and healthy perspective. This Course will help you lead a life free of the feelings caused by obsession with Games, Tech and Social Media and will teach you the new skills you'll use again & again for dealing with all of your life challenges. 

It is now known that Social Media and Game sites have been deliberately created

to keep you coming back for more.

What you get: 

  • Private assessment questionnaire to help you identify your inner feelings and impulses.

  • A workbook/journal to help you uncover the emotional triggers that drive your addiction to your Tech and how to reduce or eliminate those triggers with new tools you'll learn.

  • Instruction and Scripts to introduce you to the new mind-body-life tools (they're easy) you'll use to help you achieve freedom from compulsion as you progress through the program. I'll answer your questions and help you use your new tools.

  • You will learn to Identify Your Emotions and become "Emotionally Intelligent" which will improve your inner life forever.

  • You will discover the deeper needs driving you to addiction, plus learn how to find healthy ways to improve your habits.

  • You will be able to release the emotions that drive you to overuse Games and Social Media sites and learn new ways to change your self-defeating programming.

  • Step by step Life Plan & Life Balance tools to create your new addiction-free life.

  • Receive Free Support with your Membership only Facebook Group and private email with me. 

Tech Addict Anonymous is an effective self-help course written and supported by a trained Certified Clinical Therapist and LifeCoach.

*A private Facebook Group has been created for purchasers of this course for group support. Your coach will be available to support you via private email and your private Facebook Group Page postings to continue your knowledge of the techniques you will learn in the Course and share your experiences with others who are on the same path if you choose.