Tech Addict Anonymous Quiz

Check or Circle Your Yes Answers
  1. Do you check Facebook/ Social Media several times a day?                                                

  2. Do you spend more than 15 minutes scrolling & sharing per day?                   

  3. Do you post updates/check-ins several times a day?                                         

  4. Do you seem to have lost interest in activities you used to enjoy?                    

  5. Do you feel unsafe or panicked when you leave your phone home?                 

  6. Are you more comfortable online but less in person?                                       

  7. Do you share too much about yourself?                                                            

  8. Do you lose sleep to be online?                                                                         

  9. Do you spend less time talking with family to Game or use SM?                     

  10. Do you use Facebook or other sites to avoid work, others or studies?              

  11. Do friends posts make you feel jealous, envy or feel like not enough?            

  12. Do you check other peoples' pages to find dates?                                            

  13. Do you make decisions easily or do you need SM opinions?                           

  14. Do you check your phone when you are with others at a meal?                      

  15. Do you spend time on tech to avoid boredom, anxiety or depression?            

  16. Do you feel lonely despite having many SM friends?                                      

  17. Do you spend more time on your SM or Games than you wanted to?             

  18. Have you tried to give up your Tech Habit and not been able to?                   

  19. Do you play Games or use SM and invite others to join you?                         

  20. Did you enjoy reading books but now prefer to be Gaming or SM?                

  21. Do you know how to enjoy your life without your Tech?                                 

Total Your Yes Answers    ___________

0-5     You're a light user. You have control over your use of Tech.

6-10   Tech is a part of your everyday life and sometimes you spend more time on it than you planned to and experience regret about it. You may be on your way to addiction.

11-21  Your use of Tech is probably an obsession. The time spent on your habit is probably interfering with your life balance and emotional wellbeing. If you try to cut down or go without checking it, you may experience negative emotions like anxiety, depression, loneliness and some disruption in your life. You may feel left out & feel you have lost your sense of yourself. You may think about your Games or Social media at work, school or during family time and feel the pull to get back online. You may have to face the reality of how your relationships, work, sleep, career and performance have suffered. Most people are not equipped to deal with this habit by themselves using willpower alone.

This Course will help you identify your real needs, help you manage your feelings & the impulses that drive your habits so that you are not a victim of them and they are under control! Overcoming ingrained habits and obsession are a life skill that can be taught. These same skills will be helpful to you as you meet challenges the rest of your life.

Releasing Your Tech Habits Course

What you learn in this Course will work with you to help you manage your feelings on a deeper level to assist you toward a happier, more productive life, free of addiction to your Tech. And, you will have the mental tools you need to help you with many more issues in your life wherever you are, at the moment you need help with your thoughts & feelings.

Tech Addict Anonymous is an effective self-help course written and supported by a trained Certified Clinical Therapist and LifeCoach.

*A private Facebook Group has been created for purchasers of this course for group support. Your coach will be available to support you via private email and your private Facebook Group Page postings to continue your knowledge of the techniques you will learn in the Course and share your experiences with others who are on the same path if you choose.