Tech Habit Addiction

It is now known that Social Media and Game sites have been deliberately created

to keep you coming back for more.

"We are addicted at younger and younger ages now." Parents give phones to toddlers to keep them amused and quiet without realizing they may be creating a brain fertile for lifetime addiction to Tech. "Addiction to Tech has become a worldwide phenomenon that destroys families & cultures."

Studies have shown our connectedness can open us to self-esteem issues, depression, and rejection on such a large scale that is very difficult to manage emotionally. Overuse of Tech symptoms include loss of sleep, depression, anxiety and loneliness as we become more isolated in our homes. Over a period of time it can cause lives to spiral out of control. 

    Oversharing of information can potentially endanger you to bullying, predators, burglars                                    and abduction, but you may still feel a compulsion to do it anyway.        


    Now peak gaming experiences simulate the emotional stress in your body.

  Your body treats this stress the same as any other emotional stress you encounter…         

running away from an attacker, threat of death, death of close loved ones and daily stresses

where stress hormones are released.


During Gaming especially, your body is reacting as if you are under mortal threat!! If you add lack of proper sleep habits, eating poorly and ignoring what your body is trying to tell you are it’s stress limits, your body will break down where your own DNA is weakest.

Many people are getting auto immune diseases like stomach and intestine inflammations, migraines, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, thyroid issues, retinal issues (inner eye), and Chronic Fatigue to name just a few. Use of stimulant drinks now frequently used to keep energy levels up to continue gaming are another difficulty for body health, but in combination with all the other bad habits your body is trying to survive, this multiplies the impact.

Can you stop on your own? Yes, but the associated side effects of your inner thoughts and overwhelming feelings can be so strong a drive that they defeat your willpower.

What you learn in this Course will work with you to help you manage your feelings on a deeper level to support your choices and willpower. It will assist you toward a happier, more productive life, free of addiction to your Tech and many more issues like relationships, stress, anxiety etc..  And, you will have the mental tools you need to help you with many more issues in your life wherever you are, at the moment you need help with your thoughts & feelings.

Tech Addict Anonymous© is an effective self-help course written and supported by Cheryl Trell, a trained Certified Clinical Therapist and Life Coach. The course includes information to help you understand your feelings, develop emotional intelligence and learn a great way to reduce the intensity of your feelings right when they happen! A miracle? Yes, but a learnable skill. You will receive scripts, definitions and understand your feelings like never before! You will be in control of your feelings, not a victim of them. 

*A private Facebook Group has been created for purchasers of this course for group support. Your coach will be available to support you via private email and your private Facebook Group Page postings to continue your knowledge of the techniques you will learn in the Course and share your experiences with others who are on the same path if you choose.