A Self Help Course

for Moderating or Ending Addiction to


Are You?

Spending More & More Time Alone to Game or Use Social Media?

Using Games or Social Media to Avoid Feeling Alone or Bored?

Using Social Media or Games to Feel Excited or Connected?

Spending Time Everyday on Games or Social Media?

Thinking About Your Games During Work or School?

Oversharing Personal Information? 

Making Video Posts While Driving?

          Constantly Checking Your Phone?           

Texting While Driving? 

Gambling on Games?

                              Sacrificing Sleep?                           

Take The Free Quiz To See How Addicted You Are

This Course Will Teach You The Tools You Need To Moderate or Stop Your Habit Without Struggle & Withdrawal Emotions. 

Live Your Life Free Of Your Habit Addiction


Tech Addict Anonymous© is a Self-Help Course that has been created to give professional, affordable help and support to all those who can't get unhooked from their phones, laptops and screens without struggling with anxiety, emptiness, loss, depression and many other feelings related to quitting or trying to moderate their Tech Habits. 


What you learn in this Course will work with you to help you manage your feelings on a deeper level to assist you toward a happier, more productive life, free of addiction to Tech. And, you will have the mental tools you need to help you with many more issues in your life wherever you are, at the moment you need help with your thoughts & feelings. 

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Cheryl Trell Clinical Therapist CHt. and  Life Coach

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